Nebrolat’s production chain

The outcome of our experience is employed focusing on local products representing our Sicily, emanating its smells and scents, breathing the pure air of its mountains. Traditions combine with waves of innovation thanks to Angela’s creativity and Mariano’s tenacity. This is how new flavours and colours are created as an alter ego of classic canestrato […]

  • Territory

    Nebrolat is located inside the Monti Nebrodi natural park, where humans and unpolluted nature meet in an association which is the showpiece of sicilian magnificence.

  • Harvesting

    Our milk comes only from sicilian producers and it is controlled by our Quality Office, which collaborates with breeders along the whole production chain: from the milking to the harvesting phase.

A healthy and controlled production chain to ensure the highest quality of our products.

Angela Magazzù

  • Production

    Sheep, goat and cow milk is transformed in our productive site of Santa Domenica Vittoria (ME). Dedication and quality are the "magic ingredients" behind our products.

  • Distribution

    Packaging and logistics activities are conducted in the new site of Milazzo: our cheeses are portioned at variable and fixed weight, sliced and grated for distribution.

The taste of Sicily

Leaf through our accurate selection of products to discover the authentic taste of Sicilian tradition


A healthy and controlled production chain to guarantee you the best quality of our products.