The outcome of our experience is employed focusing on local products representing our Sicily, emanating its smells and scents, breathing the pure air of its mountains.

Traditions combine with waves of innovation thanks to Angela’s creativity and Mariano’s tenacity. This is how new flavours and colours are created as an alter ego of classic canestrato cheese, able to brighten up deli counters and the self-service of the most important italian and international distribution chains.

Passion and progress go hand in hand. This is the reason behind the creation of a new production site in Milazzo in 2015, dedicated to original packaging lines for cold-cuts and portioned products at fixed and variable weight. Our closed chain ensures that our cheeses become finished products in Sicily. They are the expression of culture, history, tradition, passion, effort and above all… love.


A history rooted in the heart of the Nebrodi natural park. Here a young couple, Angela e Mariano, decides to take the challenge and create their own company, as a result of their experience in the dairy sector.


Enhancing our raw material productions, transforming them into cheeses representing Sicily. Spreading our traditions beyond our region boundaries. Educating new generations to savour our flavours.


Nebrolat combines tradition and innovation, performing chemical-physical and microbiological checks on incoming raw materials and final products. This process is supported by our qualified and accredited external laboratory.


We garantee to the consumer the highest quality and freshness of every product